Teracotta tile patternsOne of the greatest aspects about ceramic tile is that it is a true low maintenance material. Minimal effort will keep it looking great for years to come.

Most tile applications require only a periodic cleaning with a neutral pH cleaner to remove dirt and soil buildup. Chipping and cracking may occur if objects are dropped onto the surface or if objects are slid across it. Grit particles can scratch the surface as well.

Unglazed Floor Tile (Pavers) – are an unsealed, porous tile. It is suggested that a penetrating sealant be used to maintain this type of floor to prevent spills and stains from seeping into the pores. Resealing is required annually.


The unglazed porcelain series can be maintained with normal wet mopping with a neutral liquid cleaner. As with most porcelains, spilled liquids may stain the light-colored products if not removed promptly. Sealing is not recommended.

Stain Removal for Stones

If staining occurs, a poultice-based powder mix is required. A poultice will actually draw out deep seated dirt and stains from the stone’s pores.

GROUT – Care and Maintenance

Glass mosaicGrout is extremely porous and it will not resist spills or stains and therefore will occasionally require a little more attention than tile. Upon the initial installation it is expected that you will see or feel a film residue over the entire hard surface area which is caused by the grout being applied. As grout cures or dries it may show shading variations within the installation. Grout can also change color over time. To remove ground-in dirt from the grout joints use the same type of neutral pH cleaner cleaner with a mop or scrub brush. Change your cleaning water often, most dirt buildup is caused by wiping dirty water onto the tile surface.

Sealing the grout is recommended upon completion of the install, however the grout needs to fully dry which can take anywhere from 10 to 14 hours.

Re-apply a sealer to grout joints several times each year for maximum protection.

Remember . . . prompt clean-up of spills and regular cleaning will keep your tile and stone surfaces looking their best.


Due to the nonporous and very hygienic surface of glass, the care and cleaning of glass tiles is effortless. Clean the surface of the glass with mild soap and warm water. Wipe the entire surface completely dry with a clean, soft cloth.

If the surface of the glass becomes excessively dirty, you can use a general purpose cleaner.

Glass is stain resistant and highly resistant to non-fluorinated chemicals, thus allowing it to keep its lustrous color and clear quality. The same cannot be said for traditional soda-lime glass, which has only fair resistance to chemical corrosives and over time becomes cloudy from household cleaners, as well as rust marked from hard water.

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