Radon in Granite Countertops

Levels of radon in granite countertops were tested and researched thoroughly.

Granite countertops are not known to pose a health risk to consumers.

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Marble Institute of America says: Recent media reports have called into question the safety of granite countertops.

Fueled by the manufacturers of competing synthetic products,these misleading and inaccurate reports have made granite and radon a confusing and emotional issue for consumers, many of whom are now concerned about installing granite countertops in their homes or are worried about the countertops they already have. The scope of these concerns is unfounded.

Numerous scientific studies conclude that there are two ways in which countertops, tiles and other finishes made of granite might emit any level of radiation.

The first is by the release of tiny amounts of the radioactive gas, radon.

The second is by direct radiation from the surface itself to the homeowner.

In both cases, the radiation emitted is from the same process – natural radioactive decay of one element into another.

Compared to other radiation sources in the home and outside, the risk to the homeowner from radioactivity or radon gas emitted from a granite countertop or tiles is practically non-existent.

The U.S. EPA reports: “Based on existing studies, most types of granite used in countertops and other aspects of home construction are not typically known to be major contributors of radiation and radon in the average home.

It’s important to know that radon originating in the soil beneath homes is a more common problem and a far larger public health risk than radon from granite building materials”

Typical Contributions to Radon Content of Indoor Air (pCi/L)
69.3% Soil around house
18.5% Well water
9.2% Outdoor air
2.5% Building materials
.5% Public water supplies

See this research about granite radon contribution being <0.1

Radon in granite countertops is practically non-existent!

Other studies & researches

To help you better understand the truth about radon, see this brochure from Marble Institute of America.

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