Made of: Basic Mica, feldspar, & quartz
Used For: Kitchens & flooring
Extra Info: Granite is the hardest stone out there and its qualities make it ideal for kitchens. Granite can resist heat and bacteria. It’s nearly impossible to scratch and with proper sealing and cleaning it will not stain under normal use. Because of its durability’s granite can be put anywhere in your home, or commercial building.


Made of: Calcite, dolomite crystal, & the crystalline being the result of metamorphism of limestone by heat, & pressure.
Used for: Sculpture, bathroom material, fireplaces, & floors
Extra Info: Marble is probably the most classical stone there is. For century’s marble has been used as material for some of the most famous sculptures, and buildings throughout the world. You can now use it in your home to add a touch of elegance. From floors, to bathroom counters it will look beautiful.


Made of: Quartz, biotitic, chlorite, hematite, & pyrite.
Used For: Floors, roofing, & wall claddings
Extra Info: Slate is a very versatile stone and has been used for many things over the years. Slate can be cut into very thing pieces because of its two lines of breakability: cleavage and grain. It’s used mostly as flooring wall cladding and roofing. In the past it was used for blackboards and writing slates.


Made Of: Calcite, aragvonite, & calcium carbonate
Used For: Showers, flooring, gardens, & pathways.
Extra Info: Travertine is the most popular type of natural stone used in residential applications. It can be used throughout your home in many different ways. Travertine comes mainly in two finishes, honed and filled, and tumbled. The honed and filled finish will give your home a cleaner sleeker look, while the tumbled finish will give your home a more rustic feel. You can also get travertine in versailles pattern.


Blue Aqua Gold OnyxONYX
Made Of: Chalcedony, & Quartz
Used For: Interior wall covering, & table tops
Extra Info: Onyx is a very translucent stone because it is mostly composed of quartz due to this quality of the stone you are able to place a light underneath or behind the surface and see it light up before your eyes. You can use this stone and this technique anywhere in your home, such as walls, table tops, and bathroom vanities. Keep in mind this is a very pores stone so it cannot be used in high traffic areas will be stained or scratched.

Jerusalem Gold LimestoneLIMESTONE
Made of: mineral calcite, silica, clay, slit, & sand
Used For: Interior and exterior wall cladding, interior, & exterior paving.
Extra Info: Limestone is often used as a building stone because it is readily available and easy to work with. It is also a long standing stone and stands well to exposure.



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