How the Color Of Your Room Could Be Affecting You

If you tend to have sleepless nights or a wild appetite then you may want to consider the color of your walls. Yep that’s right…the color of your walls! You’re probably wondering “what in the world do the colors of my walls have to do with how I’m feeling?”

Well experts suggest that different shades used in your home can have an influence on your mood and behavior. There is more to just picking out a shade of color for your home. This procedure holds a lot more meaning than you’d think and there is probably a reason why you are attracted to one shade versus another. While some might believe that choosing the right color is simply just a result of what’s trending Sally Augistin, a member of the American Psychological Association states that, “Emotional responses to color depend on their saturation and brightness, while cultures have association to particular hues.”

Although a color may look good, does it really feel good? Some colors may trigger positive or even negative responses.

So lets see how the color of your room could be affecting you.

RED for example, is commonly seen within restaurants and fast food joints. The reason for this is that red is known to boost energy and enhance liveliness. The perfect elements of a good conversation! Red also has a tendency to raise one’s pulse, blood pressure and heart rate so avoid using it in a room intended for peace and relaxation. Although red is a symbol of love and passion, be wary of how you use it in the bedroom. Not only that but it also stimulates appetite. No wonder why so many people in the food industry choose crimson and rose hues when painting and decorating. They really cracked the code to the correlation between colors and mood.


BLUE is used to help give a room that calm fresh spa-like vibe. Blue is a soothing color that can help to promote sleep and relaxation though too much blue can lead to feelings of coldness and isolation. It is also said that blue aids in intellect and clarity. Because it is associated with water and the beach, shades of blue are often found in areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms.


ORANGE is a warm and welcoming color that brings about feelings of energy. Due to this, orange is an excellent choice for an exercise room. It is a very bubbly color that is often times selected by people who are full of joy and very easy going. Like red, it is a bold color that should be utilized into your home or space in a careful manner. Certain shades of orange can be extremely loud which can be a bit overwhelming. Orange is also known for stimulating appetite so you are likely to see this used in restaurants, kitchens, and dining rooms.


YELLOW is a bright and lively color. It is full of confidence and optimism. Yellow is typically associated with the sun which gives people a feeling of light and happiness. It is often times found in entrances and hallways and is said to improve one’s intellect and even memory. Yellow promotes creativity and a strong sense of communication. Use yellow in an area where a clear, creative and positive mind are essential such an office or work space.


GREEN is great! This color is infused with feelings of balance, peace, and serenity. Green has a solid connection to the earth and Mother Nature. It is good for rest and relaxation so it is perfect for a living room, bedroom, and even bathroom. Because some shades of green can be dull, it can cause boredom when used excessively. If using a lot of green, I would recommend adding some other colors to give contrast while still complimenting your green selection.


PURPLE or violet is linked to spirituality. It is a compelling and majestic color that can aid in relaxation and meditation. Purple is rich and blissful. To create a feminine appeal, it can be coupled with shades of pink, beige and even green. For a more masculine approach, it can be paired with black or grey. Purple is frequently seen in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms but can be incorporated into other parts of the house as well.


PINK is typically associated with females. It is quite common for people to think “feminine” when they hear the word pink. Pink is often times chosen to fit a womens’ or girls’ room. The color pink is linked to qualities love and romance and is viewed as a calming and reassuring. Men sometimes perceive pink to be a symbol of weakness, but if you are a man that happens to like pink, don’t let that stop you! Pink often goes well with neutral colors such as beiges or darker shades such as purple. Pink becomes more defined when paired with black and grey.


BLACK is an extremely dramatic & sophisticated color. It goes well with almost everything and looks great in all rooms but many people see it as negative and dull. Black is often used an as accent color but can be used as a primary color as well. Just be sure not to overdo it or else your room may look extremely dark. To achieve a luxurious look, combine it with gold or silver. To achieve a simpler look, try pairing it with white or neutrals.


WHITE is the color that symbolizes purity. It is simple and clean. Because it really isn’t a bold color, white is often times used to give contrast. When black and white are used together, it creates a very striking look due to the contrast of the two colors. White is a reflective color that if used correctly, can cause a space to look much larger. White is plain and therefore works best in offices and other work areas where accuracy is much needed. Excessive amounts of this color can create feelings of coldness, depression and isolation which can be a tad unwelcoming. So use it carefully.


BROWN is a warm color often associated with the Earth. It promotes feelings of security and stability (change). Brown can substitute black, without taking away from what you would like to achieve. Brown goes well with all colors and can be used in any room. It can also be used in various shades without it looking too excessive. Brown is sophisticated and is a great neutral color!


GREY is symbolic for intellect and wisdom. It is sophisticated and subtle but ultimately it holds great power and prestige. It is said that grey is a color of agreement, being the middle ground of both black and white. – two colors on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Grey makes for a wonderful neutral but can cause people to be a bit quiet and passive. To prevent this lack of energy, grey can be paired with a more vibrant color such as orange, purple, or a brighter shade of green.

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